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  • Losing no time in handling complex software tools
  • Sharing mountains of knowledge and know-how with your employees or your students
  • Creating dynamic, attractive and interactive courses

Get right to the point with EasyProf®, the most powerful yet flexible authoring tool.

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From now on EasyProf can import animations and any kind of HTML5 content, for integrating them into a structured, dynamic and evaluable pedagogic environment, and generate SCORM, HTML5 or standalone modules.


Plenty of small details to ensure you utmost comfort: new windows system with docking, you can work with multiple screen, profile selector, customizable toolbars, invisible elements filter, drag resources from the library, improved Drag&Drop and Carrousel, and much more …


Within a same project, EasyProf generates and adapts your content to both size and format of any device existing in the market: PC or MAC computer, iOS and Android Tablet or Smartphone.


Create quicker contents thanks to EasyProf fully customizable Templates and Themes. Themes permit generating complete projects with all the necessary elements: Master Pages, Table of Contents, navigation buttons with their actions … Furthermore, we can create new pages from the predesigned templates, including the whole navigation buttons with their actions.

You just have to insert your content, and …. ready for publishing!


  • Swiss Post has been working with EasyProf for over two years. In the company, 8 people are creating content with EasyProf.
    Marcel Keist, Product Manager E-Learning, Swiss Post
  • We evaluated different programs in relation with the needs of Festo. It was a complicated work because many programs were really good. In the end, EasyProf won!
    Manuel Schmidt, Consultant Virtual Academy, FESTO AG&Co. KG
  • EasyProf offers maximum liberty regarding the production of individual Web Based Trainings and their integration in existing learning environments. At the same time the handling of EasyProf 4.0 is even easier due to Drag & Drop and its responsive design meets the latest requirements of the user.“
    L. Müller, professorship of business administration and business information systems, Justus-Liebig-Universität Gießen

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