EasyProf Licenses

EasyProf 5


The license includes one year of technical support and all version upgrades. After one year, you can continue using the tool, and if you wish to renew our maintenance contract paying a 15% annual fee, you’ll keep enjoying our technical support and version upgrades.

EasyProf 5 Lite


Want to install EasyProf on several PCs ? Choose the Lite version that you can associate to your Full license. The Lite License has 100% of the edition and preview functionalities, the only limit being that it does not allow publishing. In order to publish the course you will need to buy a Full EasyProf license. For each Full license purchased you can get up to 5 Lite licenses at the unit price of just 275 €.

EasyProf 5 SaaS


Enjoy Easyprof for one year at a very special price. During the rental, technical support and updates are included, including new versions of the application. After the year you can renew the rent or stop using the application.

EasyProf Complements

EasyProf Translation Tool


EasyProf Translator allows any content edited with EasyProf in a given language to be translated very easily without having to reprogram the translated version.

EasyProf Pdf Publisher


With EasyProf Publisher, you can automatically transform your multimedia courses to PDF format, recovering text, image and contents of pop-ups.

EasyProf Math Form


It allows to edit mathematics formulas very easily from EasyProf.